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I Piedestal, of, Are the evolution of an object of our past, which creates something completely new for everyone, to use for a new way to furnish both inside and outside. THE Piedestal They are new, have been imagined in order to design an unusual object, beautiful, attractive and obvious to everyone. They are objects that allow you to renew our environments and to respond to the desire of all of us to live in furnished space at best. They come in two versions a more masculine and another feminine with two different heights so as to meet different needs and tastes.

The two versions can be manufactured with square or round base, have an unusual characteristic for a piece of furniture, that is to highlight the objects that are already present in our spaces and to furnish the rooms themselves. They are perfectly suited to private environments such as public. For a more modern look with an antique flavor, the two versions can be manufactured without a frame at the top that by a more contemporary and current effects.

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