Sphere Table by Vitra

Sphere Table by Vitra it has been modified: 2013-11-28 di

Sphere Table Vitra combines a solid wood table with a large hemisphere acrylic matte, called "bubble". The hemispherical shell can be connected to each of the four legs and leaves ample possibilities of adapting to the needs of home office.

Sphere Table Vitra is therefore able to offer more privacy in open-plan offices: the idea could not be simpler! The open-space situations, as well as those of offices, airports and public rooms, are often characterized by noise and distraction and Sphere Table of Vitra Hella Jongerius can provide a remedy to this situation. It is a hemisphere Plexiglas that reduces noise while leaving the light shine through its milky opacity. Along with the warm wood tones, the hemisphere ensures a really nice atmosphere.

The desk Sphere Table Vitra born during the restructuring of the North Delegates Lounge of the United Nations headquarters in New York. As part of an extensive renovation plan of the interior of the building, Hella Jongerius was commissioned to design the appropriate furniture for the lounge, focusing both on improving the existing architecture and interior decoration that integration of furniture designed specifically for that environment.

The Sphere Table Vitra is the first of these pieces now Vitra earmarks for industrial production. Learn more click here.



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