Simona Sacchi / Elephant

Simona Sacchi / Elephant it has been modified: 2013-03-26 di jessica zannori

Elephant, of Simona Sacchi, Runner-up in the competition "Metal in Light" 2013 organized by the Dieci Rosso atelier and the Metalarch company. The reddish color of copper has a strong evocative power, that bring to mind the hot African landscapes, First of all the Park Tsavo East, Kenya, with its clay and limestone. The elephants to protect against parasites they roll on the ground taking the pigment fiery. Hence the reference to antibacterial properties of copper, Which inhibits the proliferation of bacteria on its surface, reducing the number of germs that may transmit through the contact.

The stylized body of the animal, is formed by three slabs copper satin, Internally lacquered white color, so as to allow the cold light of the LED to spread into the environment.





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