FW Series, self-produced wood and felt

FW Series, self-produced wood and felt it has been modified: 2012-05-10 di unripe


FW series, Felt + Wood, is a family of chairs and complements self-produced and made of wood and natural felt, previewed at Salone del Mobile 2012 at the Steam Factory Autoproduzioni during the event in Milan, organized by MISIAD and Alessandro Mendini.

The project designed and self-produced by Thomas Bistacchi (30 years, young Milanese designer) and John Pappalardo (30enne carpenter and shipwright in Venice), takes hold of a small low stool, and then developed in meetings of various sizes: bench seats 2, 4 places up to high stool and temporary seat or dimensions on request.

FW series by thomas Bistacchi

A support structure is essential and minimal wood welcomes the intertwining of different age felt natural or colored.

The formal rigidity of the boards in solid wood (beech, oak or larch polished with beeswax) is biased by a contrasting color and material.
This plot is not just a hug and a formal play, but also has the function of soft padding ensures optimum comfort, and support for small items, books or magazines.

The dialogue between these two natural materials and environmentally friendly, handmade, goes to give added value to the simple seat and to enrich it with a fresh and unusual pairing.

FW series by thomas Bistacchi

FW series by thomas Bistacchi

FW series by thomas Bistacchi

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