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Sense .13 it has been modified: 2013-05-07 di Studiooxi Studiooxi

In design there may be fusion and coexistence of different materials but always together harmoniously because through the finished object, must share the space. From an idea of ​​reworked "organic design" which takes its cue from the forms of nature, Studiooxi it is appropriate for this line to present a collection of objects that "come alive" organically through the combined use of natural materials such as iron, stone, leather, glass, binding forms in both linear in design as flexible and varied in function.

Starting right from the integration of use and aesthetics, Studiooxi design makes a difference, showing how a library, a table, a supplement can "live organically" through the inclusion of a plant growing over time transforms the object and the space which it is inserted.

Modules are "live" ones Studiooxi that change really in form, through a shift of sliding bases created for different objects in the collection, that the growth of a plant change their position, transforming the aesthetics of the environment.

cage detail


magma switch off


ovo detail


plectrum detail

skid bookcases

skid bookcases detail

skid lowtable

skid table

A skid table

skid table detail

skid bookcases B

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