outdoor sitting or backpack, The Gerle of Ethimo

The Gerle of Ethimo
outdoor sitting or backpack, The Gerle of Ethimo it has been modified: 2015-07-22 di Benedict Flowers

A basket, a backpack, a sitting outdoor. The union of the ideal forms of these elements, born Le Gerle, the amazing outdoor seating, winners of the competition L 'Italy is Alza, organized by Fondazione Riccardo Catella that will be produced by Ethimo.

The jury, chaired by Michele De Lucchi and composed by Luca Donidelli, Alda Catella, Valerio Castelli, Erasmo Figini, Andreas Kipare Gian Paolo Migliaccio, has chosen, 17 last June between the sessions proposed,

The Gerle in the original design object that recalls the meaning of life in motion.
The project, designed by Mario Ferrarini along with a group of 'young talents' Oliver Twist School of Bethlehem, was born from the desire to decorate with a sitting unprecedented urban public spaces of the Porta Nuova Smart Community of Milan.

The Gerle, not only reinterpreted in a contemporary and urban agricultural tradition of the object from which they are named, but if necessary they become as comfortable seating for relaxing moments in the open air, in practical backpacks compartment.

While their shape is inspired by the classic basket, the material they are made of is unique. The fiber Etwick of Ethimo is in fact a recyclable synthetic material that mimics the look of wicker and is absolutely resistant to atmospheric agents over time. Woven by hand, it presents a rough finish that makes it
perfectly natural to the touch and sight.

The union, then, aluminum and fiber Etwick, makes The Gerle light and strong. Ethimo, which will produce the sessions, will donate the royalties from sales at Comet, in order to support their activities and civic support interventions promoted by the Fondazione Riccardo Catella.

The Gerle of Ethimo

The Gerle of Ethimo

The Gerle of Ethimo

The Gerle of Ethimo

The Gerle of Ethimo

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