8 General of Innovation scenarios
SCENARIOS OF INNOVATION 8 / INTERNATIONAL DESIGN COMPETITION it has been modified: 2013-02-22 di Benedict Flowers

Paths for innovative design of products and collections for the craft and the Tuscan artistic industry

Inside the CREATIONS OPEN SPACE space Materials (Macef / Pad.1 CREATIONS area) the project was hosted Innovation 8 scenarios. The objects presented in the area represent the results of the path relating to the 8th edition of the competition dedicated to the theme  Natura Domestica innovative design of products and collections for the world of craftsmanship and the Tuscan artistic industry.

On display were prototypes 18, chosen from among the more than 550 projects presented, produced and promoted by 15 Tuscan companies involved in the project with the aim to compare the products and their potential attractiveness markets.

What Scenarios for Innovation
It is an international competition aimed at students of schools with an artistic and design orientation that involves a series of Tuscan artisan companies. The aim is to strengthen a relationship of creative growth for companies and students and to feed the formation of a Design of Craftsmanship, a strategic and fundamental theme for the transmission of a creative and material culture, a distinctive trait of the Tuscan production industry.  

The eighth edition of the competition entitled Domestica nature trails for innovative design of products for the world of craft, has been oriented to give answers to the need to rediscover and build life prospects more on a human scale in domestic living, harmonious with the natural world. These needs underlie radical and evolutionary changes in our societies, not yet ready because they are based on obsolete development models, no longer adequate to human needs. In this general theme, 15 companies of the Tuscan small and medium-sized enterprise confronted and presented themselves to an audience represented by over 20 high schools and Italian universities, 2 of which international with an artistic and design orientation, illustrating specific orientations on markets, materials, production and design briefing.

innovation scenarios 8 Dalia

DALIA, Vase bright

Designed for the furnishing of gardens and terraces, it is equipped with a battery that allows it to be independent of wires and therefore easy to place. The internal LEDs change the color of the inside of the lamp, activating as a decoration and making the object suitable for furnishing outdoor night events. Made by Elves. Price upon request.

Materiali_Ceramica hand turned, glass, LED lighting
Designer_Maria Timor Diaz
coordinatore_Andrès Conejero Rodilla teacher
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia_España
Made DA_ Elves

8 of innovation scenarios egirdalia2

EGIR, out - in door lamp
The lamp combines traditional materials such as steel with consolidated technologies, in particular remote phosphor LEDs, which favor high lighting performance with reduced energy consumption. Manufactured by Elfi. Price upon request.

Materiali_Alluminio, LED lighting
Designer_Matteo Capacci
Professor coordinatore_Paolo Zani
ISIA, Institute for Artistic Industries in Faenza

Made da_Elfi

innovation scenarios 8 1 Planter florence

innovation scenarios 8 Parking bike

BIKE PARKING Portabiclette modular system
The product is part of the rediscovery of good practices for promoting sustainable mobility at urban level. In Impruneta terracotta (Impruneta is one of the historical reference areas for the production of traditional Tuscan terracotta), this modular bicycle rack can take on different configurations adapting to urban needs and the contexts in which it is inserted. The use of terracotta combines the enhancement of local identity by reducing the environmental impact on the production cycle.Parking Bike is produced and distributed by Poggi Ugo Crockery. Available in modular versions from 90 Euro.

innovation scenarios 8 Oo

Oo! Modular outdoor
It is a modular system designed for the garden and terrace. It combines traditional Tuscan materials such as terracotta, glass and steel in an original way. The product, in two versions (H. 30 and H. 80) is distributed by Manufactures Rossi and is available starting compositions 3 elements. Price: from 210 Euro.

Materiali_Acciaio spray painted, machined terracotta, glass, wood
Designer_Sara Martinez Corcuera
coordinatore_Andrès Conejero Rodilla teacher
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia_España

innovation scenarios 8 Chair of nomade1

innovation scenarios 8 chair-of-Nomade 2

This armchair, designed for the "winter garden", is a carpet, expertly woven by hand and placed on a three-dimensional structure, which frames and protects like a warm blanket in the guest. The structure made of metal rod is ready to accommodate with simple and rapid gestures tissue, which by its nature artisan can be decorated and customized. Produced by Laura de Cesare Rossi and Manufactures. Price: 900 Euro.
Materiali_Tessuto white black pure cotton, interprets the textile
popular. Fabric red yellow black and white double-sided inserts
Honeycomb. Handmade, painted steel structure sprayed
Designer_Simone Miccichè
Academy of Fine Arts in Florence
Professor coordinatore_Edoardo Malagigi
Textile design_Laura de Cesare
Made da_Laura de Cesare Rossi and Manufactures
Project developed by the Province of Pisa

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