Sandro Santantonio for DecorLuc / Ribbon collection

RIBBON DecorLuc 03
Sandro Santantonio for DecorLuc / Ribbon collection it has been modified: 2012-12-04 di Benedict Flowers

Ribbon is the new collection of lamps created by the Italo-Spanish collaboration between Studio Sandro Santantonio Design and the company Decorluc.
A project born from the union of traditional concepts with a modern twist with a touch of sophistication. The elegance of the shade fabric meets the minimal design and extremely modern of the structure and essential forms and Hi Tech.

A line of classic lamps reinterpreted with square shapes, dressed in pleated lines in a game verticalisms effect subtle and sensual movement.
A collection at the same time surprising and simple in which the geometric body united to Pongee fabric of the head give a touch of boldness and originality to any type of furniture.

RIBBON DecorLuc 07

Ribbon is available in versions floor lamp, table, wall and suspension in different formats and sizes. The colors chosen for the launch are milky white, aviation blue, burgundy, brown and black wood in addition to four special colors for the Christmas Limited Edition: Brilliant white, cardinal red, gold and silver.

RIBBON DecorLuc 09

RIBBON DecorLuc 13

RIBBON DecorLuc 16

Ribbon: to enhance the discrete effect of soft light.

01 Ribbon Christmas Edition 02 Ribbon Christmas Edition

03 Ribbon Christmas Edition 04 Ribbon Christmas Edition

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