Roberto Paoli for Seeded Mercadante / Myquadro: A place of honor for the iPhone

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Roberto Paoli for Seeded Mercadante / Myquadro: A place of honor for the iPhone it has been modified: 2013-09-24 di eggired

Myquadro is a docking station for iPhone designed by Roberto Paoli to Sown Mercadante.

2 myquadro roberto-Paoli-seeded mercadante

Myquadro It comes out in parallel to the presentation of iPhone 5C and 5S, The last born in the house Apple.
The technology influences the well-being of individuals and the community and we all now know what the rules were indispensable. Myquadro makes it simple and convenient as the iPhone experience in the home.

5 myquadro roberto-Paoli-seeded mercadante

A white frame in which to place the iPhone that emits light signals when it receives the external inputs. Taking exactly the hue iPhone 5C, Myquadro is colored blue if you receive an email, green if you receive a message and rose when called.

3 myquadro roberto-Paoli-seeded mercadante

Su MyquadroFurthermore, the iPhone is recharged in a vertical position. The product also provides an audio output through built-in speakers and can connect via Bluetooth to any further speakers. Through the use of interchangeable dock adapters, it works with iPhone and with all models of iPod with dock connector and dock adapter. When you want to connect an iPod or iPhone of different models, you simply remove the dock adapter and insert the corresponding one.

Our beloved iPhone now has a place of honor in the home environment, is framed like a work of art.

Myquadro of Roberto Paoli to Sown Mercadante

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