rediscover the art of knowing how to do
REDISCOVER THE ART OF KNOWLEDGE it has been modified: 2013-05-21 di Daniele Prosdocimus

Will be the theme of knowing how the fruit of experience, capacity for critical reflection, insight, understanding of the specific contexts to inaugurate the 17 edition of the International Theatre Festival of street art and Crafts Not only pieces of wood to be held from May to 30 2 June to Ceolini (Pordenone). Facebook fan page.

Know-how seems to be the key to facing the uncertain future today. Stefano Micelli (professor of International Management at the Department of Business Administration and author of Future Craftsman) Helped to return to the center of the Italian debate the issue of making as an essential part of a new knowledge economy. Also because the know-how craftsmanship is one of the few cards that Italy can play to find an original location on the international economic scene.

The theme of the return to the artisan know-how often overlaps with another debate: the one on the decline. For some craftsmanship and decline coincide, foreshadowing a throwback virtuous. For others the rediscovery of knowing how to do the same as a different projection into the future and with a different idea of ​​economy and, especially, of entrepreneurship. The comparison between these two perspectives is born the opportunity to reflect on the future of young Italians, on their career choices, the life paths that open up to new generations.


  • Stefano Micelli Professor of E-business at the Department of Business Economics of the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice and Dean of Venice International University
  • Matteo Civiero President of the club for Degrowth Felice Livenza Tagliamento
  • Nicola Zago owner of Lino's Type and CEO of Scheherazade
  • Paul TarulliProduction manager Sign Italian
  • Alessandro Santarossa Partner of UVAlab 
  • Sara Furlan Stylist at Complement Subject

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