Rio + Design 2012, Brazil visit Zona Tortona

Rio + Design 2012, Brazil visit Zona Tortona it has been modified: 2012-04-14 di jessica zannori


The warm and charming atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro will be the scene for innovative products, eco-friendly and technologically advanced, on display at the Furniture expo. The atmosphere carioca moved to Milan for the fourth edition of the exhibition Rio + Design.
The creations of some of the leading designers of Rio de Janeiro will be presented during the Milan Furniture Fair - for the first time nell'effervescente Zona Tortona - Within a set designer who remember the Brazilian city, source of inspiration and creativity. Promoted by the State Government of Rio de Janeiro

through the Secretary of Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Services (Sedeis) and in partnership with the Sebrae, the exhibition brings together objects and projects the plotted 30 23 of professionals.

The curator of the exhibition is Guto Indio da CostaWhich frma also the construction. The setting will recall the enchanting nature of Rio de Janeiro: the mountains meet the sea, the largest urban lagoon, lush vegetation and many other details that characterize its landscape. The space of about 100 m2 in Via Tortona 20 host of strong expressiveness and innovative projects, both in materials research and in the use of advanced techniques without neglecting all'ecologica.

And 'the case of chair Marajó Carlos Alcantarino (Estúdio Alcantarino), with tubular metal covered with natural rattan and a design that recalls the reasons for the ceramics marajoara, typical of the state of Pará, in the Amazon. Or the curious folding chair Tamanduá, Designed by Ado Azevedo (Ado Azevedo Design), raffgurante the eponymous animal typical of Brazilian savannah and realized in a sustainable way - certifed wood and padded in the back with plates of fish skin.

In exhibition also chair Pantosh Leonardo Lattavo and Pedro Moog (Lattoog), part of a series of products that meet different infuences and allude to the melting-pot of races that distinguishes the tropical country. The subject was inspired by two classics: the Panton chair (Verner Panton, 1968) and armchair Willow (Charles Renie Mackintosh, 1904).

Of great visual appeal, the lamp 360 ° Antonio Bernardo and Lumini, a "jewel" by the rings pendants stainless steel whose shadows draw pictures on the floor. Not to forget the stool hardwood Sergio, Which pays homage to the father Verônica Rodrigues, Sergio Rodrigues, one of the masters of modern furniture Brazilian; the refrigerator high-tech In.genius designed by Guto Indio da Costa (Indio da Costa AUDT); the stool Pão de Açúcar - object silhouette similar to the famous tourist spot, recycled plywood covered with layers of composite wood - and the wallpaper in the style of engravings by Escher, both of Gilson Martins; the chair Achan in fbre jequitibá glass and wood, designed by Mariana Betting Ferrarezi and Roberto Hercowitz (Em2 Design) and the Thesec deckchair Língua de Sogra conceived by Roberto Bernardo and Fernando Menezes (Tamanduá Bandeira Idéias), inspired by the fun whistle used in children's birthdays.


Rio de Janeiro, home to major events such as the upcoming Rio + 20 - the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in June - it says the place of production innovation also boost the economic growth of Brazil. The director of the Sebrae in Rio de Janeiro, Cezar Vasquez, believes that one of the strengths of the carioca design is its versatility.

"Rio + Design leads to the mecca of design the best of the creative output of Rio. And a unique opportunity to showcase our products to the world. " According to the Secretary for Economic Development of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Dulce Ângela Procópio, "the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro is aware of the importance of design as a platform for economic development, adding value to products and services through innovation .
The 2011 edition of Rio + Design in Milan consolidated the recognition of the quality of our designer, generating business opportunities. The 2012 edition brings novelties in terms of products and environment, always emphasizing sustainability. "

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