Rewind Design Days A little bit against DESIGN WEEK

Rewind Design Days A little bit against DESIGN WEEK it has been modified: 2012-03-28 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

Rewind Design Days A little bit against DESIGN WEEK, Two weeks dedicated to a more careful design. A meeting between 7 artists who are fully committed to the philosophy NO WASTE! (No waste) .There we believe it is just a fad, but a real philosophy of life, where beauty is perceived as useful, as something that has already had its own life and is reborn in order to live in another guise completely renovated. Difficult to classify because multifaceted: the Risada suits are sculptures, works of art, as well as for Eleonorita would riduttico call Make Up Artist and Performer ... and what about Vlaire? If not want their furnishings are to eat with your eyes? But let's get specific.

Vlaire and Tower Sphere: Stephen Goldsmith and Deianira Vitali of Vlaire, designer, the first and the second Press have created a supercool brand of home accessories made of corrugated cardboard. Federico Manfredini of Sphere Tower talented emerging designers. They will build together an object specifically for the evening

Eleonorita Acquaviva: Performer and Makeup Artist, during the opening will shape a dress with corset and skirt using plastic bottles.

ecocentricVioletta Canitano and Annarita Mameli, Architect and Designer first, artist second, realize paintings and furniture in newspaper and cardboard. ( Some of the ecocentric creations will be exhibited during the event.

Antonio Lai: Sensitive designer who will present, in addition to his other creations, its Fish Lamp made of wood recycling, sinuous and captivating. (

Risada Panavija: Fashion designer, creates sculpture-dresses with ribbons of old cassette tape and paper napkins.

Giulia Gates: Fashion Designer, his clothes seem clouds, hot glue used with great mastery.

You can not miss 2 Events, the opening and closing, an evening, indeed 2, an excuse to celebrate and discover young talented artists. 8-22 April 2012 8 April Vernissage from 19: 00 22 Finissage April from 19: 00 Sergeant Pepper's, Via Vetere 9, 20123, Milan curated by Linda Ferrari







Follow in their interviews on and Project-9 in hard copy (You can find it at the Sergeant Pepper's, of course!)

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