Rememberme Casamania - the chair in recycled jeans

Rememberme Casamania - the chair in recycled jeans it has been modified: 2013-10-01 di


The momentum towards the future and the will to keep the past alive coexist in Rememberme Casamania!

The chair Rememberme Casamania echoes of the current issues of sustainability and recycling (it is made entirely from old jeans) and a half to give a new life to objects that are unknowingly but deeply bearers of memories and memories.

Rememberme Casamania is a project that starts today but promises ample room for development and customization, expanding the range in the table with 2012 Rememberme Table and Rememberme Mirror mirror, and incredibly innovative as the manufacturing process does not require any additives such as glue, plastic , chassis, screws or reinforcements.

Rememberme Casamania is exhibited like a work of art in the living room, evoking emotions linked to memories, giving it a new life. A product with a soul!

The chair can be customized with jeans and cotton t-shirts provided by you: 8 pieces are required for a chair made of jeans only, 4 jeans and 5 kg of cotton shirts are required for a chair made of jeans and T-shirts. cotton t-shirts and jeans may vary from the initial color due to the processing they undergo). Keep reading, click here…


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