Quari, Novello bathroom furniture inspired by Venetian artisanal productions

Quari, Novello bathroom furniture inspired by Venetian artisanal productions it has been modified: 2018-08-17 di claudia ovan

With Quari_design Stefano Cavazzana Novello pays homage to his land, enhancing its raw materials and know-how.

In the design of Quari reverberate the Venetian craft traditions, primarily that of the master glassmakers who worked the frames and the square-shaped glass, the "quari" precisely, to make mirrors.
Two types of door: smooth with aluminum profile and frame, obtained by combining a silvery colored aluminum profile of 28 mm thick to a panel of 4 mm in different finishes, from glass to Laminam, from essence to lacquer.

The aluminum boiserie are designed to harmonize the compositions, connecting furniture, tops and mirrors, or they can be used as single elements, with a decorative function.
A sophisticated assortment of materials and finishes proves once again Novello's ability to create a product that is both aesthetically attractive and of great quality. An example is the chestnut wood of the furniture, which comes from the woods of Cadore, the glass of the fronts and mirrors that recalls the work of Venetian glassblowers and the finishes of doors and tops that reflect the color of the lagoon and the designs of lace Murano. The choice of re-proposing the Venetian terrazzo in the washbasins and door panels is also particular.

A real celebration of Venetian and Venetian excellences, which even today are for the world of design an inexhaustible source of wonder and beauty.

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