"Petrifications" bookmarks / Krzysztof J. Lukasik

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"Petrifications" bookmarks / Krzysztof J. Lukasik it has been modified: 2013-01-18 di Maria Chiara Paccara

"" Petrifications "is a project that I already had in my mind for some, I had the opportunity to develop while in college, and that allows me to combine my interest in design with that of literature. It inspired by my experience as a player, in fact every time I left I interrupted a reading book, newspaper or magazine on the table or on the floor open to the page that I had arrived ".

These are the words of its author, the designer Krzysztof J Lukasik.

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It consists of a collection of five triangular geometric shapes having different size and made of different kinds of stone.

Krzysztof J Lukasik Petrifications-07 Krzysztof J Lukasik Petrifications-08

Krzysztof J Lukasik Petrifications-09 Krzysztof J Lukasik Petrifications-14

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The choice of this material comes from the desire to resume "marbled paper" used for the cover of the old books in traditional ligation, and also by a desire to re-use this material, now relegated to a few uses and to restore nobility to marble as when it was used for coating of temples and palaces.

Its aim is to become favorites for books, magazines and newspapers.

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