PIMP MY BILLY / DING3000 it has been modified: 2011-11-21 di jessica zannori

IKEA has sold over 40 million units worldwide by the Library Billy 1979 making the library more sold in the world. To make the library more interesting and with a little more character ding3000 has added three members to the ubiquitous library, "Billy Wilder" for more colors, "Billy Heidenreich" for reading and even "Stuetze" to give your bookshelve corner completely new. BILLY WILDER meets

the primary expectation of a rack to keep everything in order. It 'was designed as un'approccio playful theme "our mess everyday" and serves as a place of temporary storage for unsorted books, magazines and newspapers. BILLY Heidenrich is a rack with a lectern. The shelf for books can be exchanged for a apparnte and convenient add-on. The lectern is modeled on the classic examples and is easily integrated into the overall picture. Books and notebooks in some way tend to fall down on the shelves, Stütze is the answer to this problem. Stütze is a small plate lifting from the ground added to the sides of the shelf BILLY. So, books, binders and even individual pages can be stored upright in the shelf. Stütze fits to all variants of Billy and can be connected to the mounting on both sides.



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