Pileus, floor lamp / Sovrappensiero Design Studio for Porada

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Pileus, floor lamp / Sovrappensiero Design Studio for Porada it has been modified: 2013-10-24 di jessica zannori

Lo study SovrappensieroIn partnership with Porada leader in the field of wooden furniture have Pileo: floor lamp in solid walnut or ash and metal shade turned. "We wanted to create a lamp that he spoke in a light wood. We were guided by the forms of nature and the world of wild mushrooms. A thin but strong structure that supports a large hat, precisely the Pileo ".

Porada is the Italian excellence in woodworking, was founded in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the intention to continue the production of chairs that had begun in 1948. To support the children, promoters like him a company that makes quality and professionalism of its bases.

Sovrappensiero Design Studio born in Milan in 2007 the creative partnership of two young product and furniture designer, Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia, grown in Campania and attracted by the new challenges. Present their first innovative project "design for blind people" at the Salone Satellite of 2008 and then follow a path of constant experimentation and growth. The feedback obtained from events and appointments for emerging designers, opening the way for collaborations with several companies, as Mamoli Robinetteria, Benetton, Corraini, Porada, Seletti and Manerba with the research project Office + Retrofit selected for the ADI Design Index, applying the same poetic experimentation and also the serial productions.

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