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You can sit on a sofa, an armchair or a chair and spend your time as you wish.

Maybe reading a book, watching TV, surfing with the tablet, as long as you do it on a really comfortable seat, otherwise you can say goodbye to relaxation. Choosing a session from which you can benefit is often a difficult task, given the countless proposals.

Pierantonio Bonacina, Modern company with historical roots in the furniture industry that produces design elements for indoor and outdoor furniture, you can give some suggestions for decorating your spaces with comfortable products and taste.

Do you like the classic style, timeless, that never goes out of style? For you, the Continuum chair is perfect. Designed by the great Gio Ponti in 1963, it is suitable for both the indoor and the outdoor covered. The frame is in rattan with leather bindings that embellish at strategic points. On it rests a comfortable cushion with removable fabric. The sinuous lines of the Continuum have the charm of the great classics, appreciated by generations of designers and connoisseurs.


We would like to live in a lovely setting, perhaps in a fabulous house? You can start from the famous Egg, a design element that inspired the architects from around the world. The hanging chair comes from a drawing by Nanna Ditzel of 1963. Since its start of production, has seen tremendous success. It 'available in wicker or material from outside, hanging on a stand or attached to a chain. Egg is a chair out of the ordinary, with pleasing proportions from fairytale.

You are fashionable, stylish with determination to sell? The sofa Muffin is really for you. It 'was designed by the famous designer Piero Lissoni, has a linear structure in solid wood completely surrounded by a soft cushions. A "must have" for anyone who wants to be a trendsetter.

Looking for a life in color? Nothing better chairs Miss B, to start your days in joy. Were designed in 1997 by Tito Agnoli. Miss B is cheeky and charming, you can choose it in so many different colors to give a touch of sparkle to your home. You seem to have a rainbow private.

If you are people simple tastes and linear Pierantonio Bonacina recommend sitting Astoria HB. Is the brainchild of Franco Bizzozzero of 1999. It has a lightweight structure in solid walnut, oak or Iroko with lacing on leather cord or outdoor material. Are made armchair comfort and have a great advantage: they last a life really.
Are you a lover of beauty? Think of having a strong aesthetic sense? In this case, do not miss the sofa Stave, Piero Lissoni. The linear structure in solid Iroko is covered with so many soft removable cushions, available in both indoor and outdoor fabric. A sofa and beautiful as possible.





MISS B1 Krilon PAG151T



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