Bathroom tiles: Supergres presents Dress Up

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Bathroom tiles: Supergres presents Dress Up it has been modified: 2012-12-04 di Christian Linkness

Edition of Cersaie ended last October, Supergres ceramics, One of the brands belonging to the Concorde Group, presented, among other collections, a line of tiles in white body dedicated to the lining of the bathroom area.
The collection in question was renamed DRESS UP and, in the catalog of Supergres, he is the second collection produced in the format 25 75 × cm, after the line petals.

It is precisely this format, large, elongated and not adjusted, is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this series of tiles: the cutting makes it possible to achieve elegant bathrooms, elegant and prestigious.

On the surface, the graphic texture is extremely lightweight and has been proposed in 5 colors be used in combination or individually. The colors are neutral and delicate, in line with the currently fashionable colors in bathroom.

Another of the peculiar characteristics of the series Dress Up is l 'abbinabilità of various colors with each other, an advantage for those who choose these tiles for your bathroom.

La satin finish touch is pleasantly soft and velvety.

Dress Up is also distinguished by the range of decorations, Tone on tone, which is used to its elegant, refined and precious, can interpret tastes and styles different, they have in common the search for elegance.

The decorations are proposed 4:
- STRIPES decor, available in two versions: in the warm and cool

- WAVE decoration, available in all colors and made with the use of precious materials metallic, glitter of light waves that form on the walls, so discrete, for an elegant finish to a tonal

- FLOWER decorum, taste feminine, elegant and refined, available in white and ivory

- BRICK decoration, mounted on the network and comes in grade hot and the cold, characterized by geometric rods and linear marking the walls, for rooms with modern design and strict

Dress Up For the series are also available for special items, the edges to achieve high quality finishing and finishing the volumes of the environments.

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