2014 for Christmas give a piece of nature, signed TEAM 7

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2014 for Christmas give a piece of nature, signed TEAM 7 it has been modified: 2014-11-21 di jessica zannori

For the most magical time of the year, the Austrian company TEAM 7, European leader in the production of furniture and accessories in natural solid wood, offers designer furnishings particularly beautiful and functional for the living who take inspiration directly from nature.

The products chosen to donate the house to the warm and friendly atmosphere typical of this period of festivities are the tables sidekick e treeOTwo refined and functional furnishings that offer ease of use and give off across the room the smell of natural wood.

Moreover, thanks to their characteristic to adapt to different needs, these furnishings meet the needs of each one.

TreeO is the piece of furniture that is inspired by the shape of the tree and brings home the true nature; sidekick is the living room table that changes function depending on the location - in vertical position can serve as a support to offer coffee to guests, while horizontally becomes a comfortable base. Thanks to the furnishings TEAM 7, spend Christmas at home will be even more magical and naturally beautiful.

Table sidekick | Design Stefan Radinger

Coffee table or side table? sidekick challenge the customary use of traditional tables, applying the theme of multi-functionality: the placement defines the use and instantly gives the surface more suitable for any occasion.

Sidekick is composed of three simple surfaces not exactly orthogonal to each other, designed to give greater stability to the table. The joints craft interlocking join the side walls and the floor, celebrating the beauty of the craftsmanship expertise of TEAM 7. To vary the function a simple gesture: positioned vertically allows comfortable use, for example, while you're on the couch or in bed; arranged horizontally become a classic coffee table. So sidekick is perfect for both work comfortably with your PC, tablet or smartphone, whether for a coffee break.

Sidekick, available in six different types of wood, takes on an air of light and dynamic thanks to the delicacy of the wood panels with which it is made. Sensual in the material and innovative use, sidekick is geared to everyday life and it shows through its functionality.

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TreeO table | Design S. Desch / J. Strobel / S. Radinger

Nature as model: treeO - Interior Innovation Award 2014 - remember three thin trunks that merge to form a crown with its branches in natural wood or white marble. The distinctive feature of its design is the circular opening at the center of the floor, that reveals the cutting head of the legs and the elegant wood junction. At the same time this fine detail can act as a convenient handle to move their table. The surface of this central node ranks at the same level of the ring-ring, becoming both a practical extension.

The table treeO, available in two heights and absolutely easy to handle, is available in fine walnut or oak vigorous, with wooden or marble. In single or combined is always the perfect complement to any room in the house.

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