Penbyme / pen customizable made in Italy

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Penbyme / pen customizable made in Italy it has been modified: 2013-03-21 di jessica zannori

From a group of young creative people born Penbyme, The new pen made in Italy, Produced entirely by hand, from revolutionary design. The innovation of Penbyme resides in two large areas of customization side, a space to fill it becomes a stimulus for creating real works of art. Through Penbyme, the pen becomes a vehicle of expression twofold: writing instrument and therefore detection of ideas and material to be molded freely following his own personality.

Introduced last autumn launch event held at One As You HUB Milan, Penbyme turns to the world of creativity and intuition and becomes the space to express their own unique world.

After the first limited edition made for Doctors Without Borders, Is now the first online collection created by young designers selected, purchased directly in the shop section of the site Made with different techniques and colors more varied, pens - currently available in silver or black - are presented to the network with the new title of 2 Create Space, Express, Choose Be Unique.

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