Paola Suhonen / SLOW SMOKE dedector

Paola Suhonen / SLOW SMOKE dedector it has been modified: 2013-04-10 di Marica Pitotti

Who says that security can not be fun?

Slow it's a optical smoke detector created by Finnish designer Paola Suhonen to Jalo Helsinki. Slow is the fire alarm that not only contribute to the security of your home, but also will give a touch of originality. Most smoke detectors on the market are not particularly beautiful or practical to use. Instead Lento is a beautiful object of design, original and easy to use.

Easy to fix, it does not require the use of screws or drill. Also if it should be activated, the entire surface acts as a button. This means that it is easy to turn it off in case of false alarm or when it tests the functionality, contrary to what happens with conventional smoke detectors with small and awkward buttons. Slow it has been designed and manufactured in compliance with all safety standards for smoke detectors.

Slow is a lightweight accessory and has a battery life of 5 years. Award winner Red Dot Design Award 2011, Slow is available in various colors.






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