Packaging design 6 sensational projects designed by students

Packaging design 6 sensational projects designed by students it has been modified: 2016-10-18 di Benedict Flowers

The packaging design is one of the most important elements in the marketing strategy of a product, especially when it comes to large retailers. The theme of the packaging design is also widely faced by students, who often respond with surprising solutions.

It is precisely in supermarkets that packaging design plays a vital role in attracting potential customers, in large racks where products are joined to one another seamlessly, often the choice falls on the consumer product that emerges through a detail of his package, a particular shape, a color, a sound that can be issued while the package is opened or closed, a particular feature. Increasingly, the packaging design has transformed the packaging function from a simple container that protects the product by means of captivating communication can attract more customers.

To have a clear idea of ​​what the role of packaging design is important and rooted in customer experience, just think that the most elegant and unusual packaging are considered collectibles, conveying in space and time the image of the brand that has produced.

Below we offer a collection of 6 packaging design projects that have caught our eye, developed by students of universities around the world:

Neato Burrito

The package Neato Burrito is designed by studentsKelsey Byrd, Haley Ellis, Marcus Mrazeck, Elizabeth Sweeney University of Clemson, SC, USA. The design challenge was to design an innovative and simple packaging that would allow to eat taco and burrito on-the-go without getting dirty.

The pre folded cardboard replaces the conventional aluminum foil and allows to compress the casing to fit the remaining part of the burrito while you eat it. The packaging is also practical for the take away, you may as well eat the burrito without getting dirty wherever you are.

packaging design burrito 04

packaging design burrito 03

packaging design burrito 02

Vilje Musli

The brief for Eivind Reibo Jentoft, June ascends Holte and Rebecca Egebjerg, a group of students Westerdals the School of communication, Oslo was to create a package for Møllerens, hypothetical and ecological musli cereal brand. The target to which the product is based is that of women aged between 25 and 40 years with a high level of education, who want to make an ecological choice for their health and for that of the planet.

The name of the product "Vilje" means WILL in Norwegian and is also a woman's name, the graphics is inspired by the propaganda posters of the feminist movements of the 1940 and radiates energy, health and happiness.

packaging design Vilje Musli 03

packaging design Vilje Musli 01

packaging design Vilje Musli 02


The Australian studentYunyeen Yong He has created this packaging design for a fictitious company, which produces fresh juices dedicated to young students of nursery and primary school. The issue highlighted is playful, the container shape is inspired by a fruit sliced ​​and font used, which seems handwritten, it reaffirms the playful aspect and fun.

The graphics are composed of bright colors, which vary depending on the taste of the juice, also stylized fruits illustration, shown on the side of the package, it identifies the taste of the content.

The iconic nature of the package aims to make the product recognizable and retain consumers, especially if the product is placed near other juices on the shelves of supermarkets.

packaging design jooze 01

packaging design jooze 02

Entity Wine

Colin Baker, A student at Fort Hays State University in Hays, KS, United States has not only designed and elegant alternative label, Entity Wine is also a way to send a message. Each bottle of wine is personalized by the image of a sound wave that represents a previously recorded audio message. The sound wave is carved on the label, then through the glass you can see the level of the wine that goes down while you drink.

Each bottle will have a bar code printed on the label and the consumer, through an application created ad hoc, can enter the code and listen to the recording indicated on the bottle.

Wine packaging design Entity 01

Wine packaging design Entity 02

Wine packaging design Entity 03


The packaging design conceived by Santiago Arraz, Student CEU Cardenal Herrera in Valencia, Spain, as well as having an attractive and stylish appearance tries to establish an interactive relationship with the consumer.

While the content decreases we can see some messages that refer to the amount of wine we drank, also at the end of the evening you can decide who pays the bill in a fun and playful, using chalk tied to the neck of the bottle for a game thread among the guests.

packaging design Boulanger 02

packaging design Boulanger 03

packaging design Boulanger 01

break Fast

Swedish studentNiklas Hessman, Has designed a packaging for oatmeal or cereal useful for a quick snack to break the morning, that is broken in half just as quickly.

packaging design breakfast 03

packaging design breakfast 02

packaging design breakfast 01

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