OPEN DAY at the IED in Rome.

IEDRoma Open Day
OPEN DAY at the IED in Rome. it has been modified: 2013-09-18 di Francesca Castenetto

For those who feel creative, but still has not pointed towards your training course, the European Institute of Design in Rome proposes also this year theOPEN DAY, An open day for get to know the Institute up close, visit the spaces and classrooms, talk with teachers and experience design that also gives you the chance to win a discount on the tuition fee, spending a day of fun and creative guidance.

All this takes place in Rome 19 September, at the headquarters in Via Alcamo 11.

The morning will be devoted to a workshop cross, a fun team competition that this year will test culture, speed and originality of the competitors. The title is IED WORDS, A challenge on the ground of the words inspired by the classic game Names Things City learned in the classroom. The game consists of extracting a random letter and think of words that begin with that letter belonging to different categories. Obviously in IED Words categories proposals will be suitable for Design!
The group of participants who will have found the words more in line with the design thinking, wins 10% discount on tuition fee to the three-year course of the year.

In the afternoon are planned workshops di Visual CommunicationFashion, Design and Management Lab, held by the faculty, professionals and alumni.

To book just go to this link and click on Book.

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