New perspectives for a classic product: Bag in Box "Mauro Chardonnay"

New perspectives for a classic product: Bag in Box "Mauro Chardonnay" it has been modified: 2012-06-04 di Gianluca Massobrio


Since the beginning of this project packaging design, Box Marche It has been involved since its client Oenoforos, which has provided the company Marche broad indications about the structure and design, leaving, however, the whole ample autonomy. The only restriction: the new Bag in Box had to be built so that they can be placed with ease and comfort in the fridge by the final consumer.

Box Marche has proved an early stage of the design eager to create a packaging that it was in compliance with the instructions of the client, totally different from the other bag in a box on the market. These, in the prevalence of cases, have standard sizes, shapes are now well established and, therefore, are to be repetitive and discounted. The result reached by Box Marche, however, was a real innovation: the special structure of the new box has enabled a new use of the Bag in Box, which can be stored in the fridge either vertically or horizontally without the wine contained in the bag plastic inside come out incorrectly. This feature was much appreciated by the customer to want to give importance doing print the instructions for use of the pack to the side, above the tap of the Bag in Box. The shape of the package, also, generates a special visual effect on the shelf that attracts consumers because of its shape totally in contrast with other wines sold with this particular packaging.


As for the graphics, this was handled by the packaging designer Sofia Blomberg of Oenoforos. For details caratterisitche processing - with reference to the curved sides and corners - Box Marche has chosen a material of high quality, reliable and at the same time easy to use: the card CKB (CKB 235 g / sq m coupled with KM / 46 / and acrylic gloss, hot stamping and relief on the logo and the sun), PRODUCt from Stora Enso.

It should finally be remembered that this convergence of expertise and collaboration between the two companies led Bag in Box Mauro Chardonnay to become the holder of the prestigious award Ecma ProCarton 2011 in the category Beverages.

Box Marche Spa ( is a small and dynamic cartotecnica based in Corinaldo (AN). The company has a modern and efficient functional area dedicated to packaging design, where the skills and professionalism of the staff, supported by advanced technological tools, lead the company constantly to innovative solutions and to offer real packaging solutions for products of its customers. Box Marche (email) then, has the claim to work under certain conditions: to support its eco-friendly soul to become a reference point for all companies in the area while respecting the environment, while at the same time encouraging the creativity of its employees through constant training and a spirit of continuous improvement.

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