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Neo Design Studios / POP it has been modified: 2012-05-02 di Benedict Flowers

This lighting system designed by Neo Design Studios is like a bubble glossy opens. Pop is an extraordinary lighting solution designed ceramic smooth and shiny. Opens your space harmony. Its characteristic shape sparkling lights your room and creates a shadow shaped key, the key to a homogeneous environment.

POP shows how important it was for the designer to push the boundaries of the use of ceramics to pop up a new window of lighting design. It shows that it pays to work with the material and its fascinating potential.


POP At first glance it looks like a simple device but really this creation challenge the material as it appears far from the conventions by making use of technologies less explored in combination with ceramics.
The two semi globes are joined by magnets that connect both sides and support the weight of the material. E 'magic! This object is extremely lively and playful and is certainly a highlight in every furnishing solution. POP is delicate, elegant and neutral, hovering in the room in the four colors of the rainbow.







Material: ceramic
Available colors: white, gray, blue and yellow enamel
dimensions: Ø 160mm
Weight: 1,0 Kg

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