Design the interactive furnishings of AISIN, by Setsu & Shinobu Ito

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World premiere in Milan for Furniture expo, the Japanese company Aisin, of the Toyota group, with the designers Setsu & Shinobu Ito, presented the application in human-lived environments of an interactive technology of the automotive world.

The first exhibition, a series of three, is dedicated to a project of interactive furniture on the topic of sleep (nemuri).


Imagine New Days, is the goal that Aisin, of the Toyota group, has set itself to expand research on interactive technology, based on sensors that respond to body movement. The Japanese company specializes in precision mechanics and information technology and its products are in vehicles of car manufacturers around the world. But with this project he intends to transfer his technologies from the world of cars to all environments inhabited by man, imagining their application in interactive furnishings. The first stage of the experimentation shared immediately with the famous Japanese designer couple Setsu & Shinobu Ito, is entitled AISIN_ and has investigated the world of sleep.


The Japanese word "nemuri" (sleep) is all the respect for the sacredness of sleep and rest, meaning those moments that can give nourishment to the mind, body and spirit.
This is taken into account by the project presented at the Triennale through the vision of Setsu & Shinobu Ito: “Technology is a means to generate beauty and environmental sensations, in a simple and intuitive way, satisfying the senses and satisfying needs.

On this occasion, which involves a close relationship between the body and technology, we figured its application as a tool for amplifying the state of relaxation, through an interactive path, dropped in a natural setting. "


Thus, the space of the cube C of the Triennale di Milano, has been transformed into a Zen garden, it made sound suggestions and video from which emerge, like stones from the forms naturally disordered, an archipelago of sofas and a bed. "They represent the possible furniture that can become interactive," says Setsu Ito - "hiding inside them, placed at strategic points, sensors that react immediately to" movements.

The public can sit on the sofa, made specifically for the installation, and test the interaction with the scenery and the lights by moving the weight of the body, while sitting, or standing up and sitting down, scenarios change warning the move. Through the reactions of the sensors are modified compositions and design of the Zen garden, varying harmony and sensations. With the impression of intervening directly sull'ambientazione surrounding simply with your body, without the intermediation of more visible controls.

A video, Toni Meneguzzo, projected on the bed instead shows how the sensors react, through the actions of a couple, behavior that is likely every person assumes staying in bed or when you wake up or when you fall asleep: interacting with lamps, curtains, blinds and other electronic devices. The sensors are able to guess, with the change of positions, weight and movement, the desire of the couple, the moment of awakening and the sleep, and thus have an atmosphere appropriate to each situation. further improving the quality of each stage of sleep. Five panels around the bed then slide suggestive frames, edited by Meneguzzo, of natural landscapes like the projection of a dream.


When calling a basic aesthetic concept of traditional Japanese culture, Aisin intends to develop products that will expand our physical size and imagine new realities, looking at the world through nature. The search continues. See you at the next stop!

AISIN ITO Triennale Milano 01

Interactive bed in Japanese means sleep and has been a fundamental thing in life since the origin of man. We humans are physically asymmetrical by nature, just as we are while we sleep: our mind, our emotionality and our conscience roam free in a state of "confusion" between the internal and external world.

We illustrated this situation on a bed, irregular, free ...
A bed that incorporates interactive technology, but at the same time has an image sweet and friendly. The base has in its interior of weight sensors and movement and the cylinder head integrates two screens connected to the sensors.
The side lights are controlled by sensors, and these are added other functions such as: sound, massage, etc. The side stand has the same function as traditional engawa, a passage space. The two sides, inside and outside, are the symbol of sleep and waking, of 弾 motion and the conscious state. On it we placed a pillow with a built-in level / multi-purpose table, as a representation of the Zen Garden.

Materials and Dimensions
Bed consists of a wooden structure, ripoperta of polyurethane foam, covered with fabric.
Dimensions: 2800 2500 x x 1160h (mm)

AISIN ITO Triennale Milano 08

Interactive Sofa System

Seen from a bird's eye view, the sofa is an interactive archipelago of islands.
Seen close up, remembers a group of rocks from the garden, with a natural shape and soft. When you sit, the seat and the back light up gradually, with a gentle glow. With the movement of the body weight light changes position, moves, and creates ambience around us. It is a system of interactive sofa that interacts with our body. It is composed of nine independent modules modular freely.

Materials and Dimensions
· The sofa made of a wooden frame covered with polyurethane foam, covered with fabric.
Dimensions total composition: 6600 3190 x x 750h max (mm)

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