Opendesign born, the new design blog by Fabbian

Lighting project Opendesign by Fabbian
Opendesign born, the new design blog by Fabbian it has been modified: 2013-01-24 di Fabbian Lighting

The Venetian Brand Fabbian lighting has created a new blog dedicated to lighting projects that contribute to spreading the quality of Made in Italy in the world.

The goal of the blog is to tell the public the countless projects in which the brand participates and which makes a valuable contribution through innovative lamps from the point of view of aesthetics and technology.

It is online since last November, but already has in its pages and a big new contents of world: study Foster + Partners.

Among the projects described, there is one that inevitably attracts attention: a lighting project really ambitious Fabbian that has deservedly earned, competing with other prestigious brands.
Since the beginning of the work, the company has preferred to keep the reserve on the project, using the blog to disseminate clues that could help clean up the picture.

Certainly we know only that it is a majestic glass lamp resting on a steel base in which lie the innovative sliding carriages that host the system LED lighting. They are detached from the base of the blades of glass illuminated by a beam of light from the bottom and extends over the entire height of the structure.

The studio Foster + Partners has once again chosen Fabbian, to illuminate one of his most important achievements: l 'Hong Kong International Airport. There are still shrouded in mystery, however, the final destination within the airport, and the name of this monumental lamp.

Lighting project Opendesign by Fabbian

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