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MOHD is a company with years of experience in interior design and direct sales of designer items. For this reason, our magazine is a crossroads of news and trends: an eye watch out the world of furniture and design.

MOHD Magazine is an editorial project that arises as a link between users passionate about interior design, with all the news and tips to decorate with style and harmony spaces.

MOHD Magazine provides design solutions and tips to improve the comfort of the different rooms of the house or office, intercepts innovative designs and declines a new vision of composing with elegance.

The products of furniture, design objects for the home and the solutions to furnish material will be valuable to our magazine design.

Gianluca Mollura, CEO MOHD, reveals some considerations for the presentation of the magazine.

Where did the idea of ​​the magazine?

Our magazine is a collection of thoughts, ideas and projects related to furnishing and design. For over fifty years, we live daily needs and aspirations of the people, the tensions and the projects of life of people who decide to settle down, as the choice of the color of the walls, the tone, the quality of the coatings or tissue for the living.

We are constantly in contact with those who are to furnish, every day our advice and experience grows and is completed with the solutions chosen by our customers: our work is based on the report and the magazine is what is written in this report. The magazine is just another page to read, a poster of experience, but above all a passion for design.

Because a user should read MOHD magazine?

The magazine has an editorial line and sober light. It is not to be considered in competition with other successful magazines of the sector, it is a study based on the experience and relationships intertwined with our customers and with our suppliers. A passionate designer might find interesting, for example, a solution or a project developed by one of our customers, in short could find inspiration often comes first in every project. Finally, this experience could be shared and inspire new concepts of furniture. That's the purpose of the magazine.

She is an Italian businessman and an entrepreneur in the South. What he believes will be the challenges for businesses?

The challenges for businesses are before the eyes of all. What we can and must do is to remain always listening and intercept new trends, both in terms of business in relation to social tensions.

When you work every day with people, you realize faster than a lot of things, you "grab" the new requirements that emerge and new needs to be met. Our company tries to respond in real time to these needs, continually updating their instruments, while remaining faithful to tradition and attention to detail.

The ultimate challenge of MOHD, in fact, is the English-speaking market. This month we launched our e-shop in English: a showcase of the best design products. Our vision is to offer a viable alternative in furnishing space and be healthy carriers of beauty and design, always prerogatives Italian.

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