Nahoor Limelight, idea, energy, vision!

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The essential design opens the door to endless possibilities of an object to adapt to the environment, to make it the undisputed protagonist.

It shows up on the scene supply of lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor, Nahoor, Emerging Italian brand already appreciated internationally, Which immediately rose to prominence for design with clean lines, the high quality standard of products and service offered.

Wide range, comprehensive and articulated finishes and sizes, unique pieces created by expert collaborators deep knowledge of the most innovative technologies and materials, organized into a highly flexible production process.

In this way Nahoor the best interpretation of any use requirement of personal spaces.

Pure lines, where the internal order and external has a precise correspondence, allow to adapt to the environment lamp with endless possibilities.








continuous exploration, deepening of aesthetics and technological contents, synergies: this is Nahoor.

The company was born from the will of its founder William Plant that after many years of experience as a lighting designer in both private and public contexts and collaborations with manufacturers, presents his new project "Nahoor".

Continuous exploration, deepening of aesthetics and technological contents are the fundamental elements of the script followed by Nahoor. Research focal point is the attention to materials, especially metal, its properties and processing and finishing techniques. The materials used are enhanced in all their material power, becoming the real protagonists of the history of the products. With his work, William Plant He wants to tell the uniqueness of each lamp he designed, through clean shapes, pruned of all that is superfluous, leaving a sobriety that does not seek ostentation.






The constant search for beauty is expressed through the harmonious relationship of the parties. That's how he starts the production of objects with clean lines that with their stage presence recreate an order that meets the sacredness.

"Nahoor"Aramaic term to indicate" origin "," source "of light, strongly evocative, was created to reassign birth to a role that responds to the scope sacredness home and welcome. A constant search for beauty activities, resulting from the harmonious relationship of the individual parts and symmetry, creates lamps with clean lines, able to occupy space without cluttering: light sources that expand and modulate visual horizons allowing to recreate a order of the spaces.

Every piece Nahoor It is produced by hand and is the maximum expression of craftsmanship and savoir faire everything Italian. each lamp Nahoor It has its own unique history and private and the spectacle of light offers every time unique emotions that can be perceived through a careful eye and a sensitive hand.





Nahoor is not only aesthetic and design, but also quality in 2010, the Brescia brand is certified "100% Made in Italy" by the Institute for the Protection of Producers, only recognition in Italy to protect the authenticity of the product.

The "100% Made in Italy" brand is, in fact, the guarantor of the total production in Italy and gives certainty on the origin and quality. This is a certification on the entire production chain, which is released only after a careful set of checks on the quality, style, materials and many other stages of production.





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