Paper Museums lands in Rome, 8 February - March 10 2013

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Paper Museums lands in Rome, 8 February - March 10 2013 it has been modified: 2013-02-05 di Benedict Flowers

Paper Museums, Cited by the British magazine The World oflnteriors (July 20 12) as one of the most significant events of the week of Design in Milan 2012, arrives in Rome after stops in Milan and Palermo.

The exhibition will be hosted at one of the most prestigious museums of the city: National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia keeper of the richest and most fascinating collection of Etruscan art in the world.

Paper Museum, promoted by Aliantedizioni as research dedicated to Italian museums, it has built the conditions for a reflection on the theme of merchandising museum. The exhibition brings together the results of this research and pre-hear some alternative proposals offered to the leaders of museums and operators of commercial interior spaces.

the Italian museums preserve some of the most spectacular treasures of the international art history and could reap more economic benefits, than is the case at present, thanks to a more careful selection of products offered to visitors in the inner bookshop. MoC therefore aims to stimulate a confrontation that could contribute to improving the choices of specialized operators.

the prototypes presented were designed by Italian designer interesting 20 each associated with one of the most important national museums and are all made of recycled paper or cardboard. It is lightweight objects, econ-omic but can be a pleasant memory of the visited museum. The museums of the list was compiled in a way which took into account both the number of significant factors: the prestige of the collections, adequate representation of the various artistic periods, the number of visitors per year and an equitable distribution throughout the country as much as possible.

The exhibition, curated by Alessandro Loschiavo, It was conceived as a traveling event and is facilitated in the movements thanks to a recyclable minimalist setting designed by Makoto Kawamoto. On the occasion of the Roman stage, the exhibition will be accompanied by a multimedia presentation that will illustrate the dialogue between the designers of the projects and works of the mentioned museums.

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