MonPot_designed by Gradosei

MonPot Designed by Gradosei 3
MonPot_designed by Gradosei it has been modified: 2013-01-22 di Ariphys

Winner Project_SUN.LAB 2012 - "For a creative Outdoor - Nature Inside"

An elegant, dynamic and fun. MonPot exploits of communicating vessels: one tank and removable planters at different heights allow plants to absorb as much water as in a simultaneous and independent need. The bright play of colors offer a contrast to the white delicacy. To alert the user to the level of the liquid, an eye-catching floating emerging with a full tank and which disappears when the water ends.

A refined, dynamic and funny product. MonPot works on communicating vessels system: one tank and several removable pots in different heights make plants to absorb in an independent and simultaneous way the required water. Bright colors thwart the soft white. A garish float, coming out from the full tank and disappearing When empty, warns the level of water.

MonPot_Designed by Gradosei

MonPot Designed by Gradosei 1

MonPot Designed by Gradosei 2

MonPot Designed by Gradosei 4 MonPot Designed by Gradosei 5 MonPot Designed by Gradosei 6

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