Mixis / Mario Ferrarini for Crassevig

MF mixis 001
Mixis / Mario Ferrarini for Crassevig it has been modified: 2013-05-16 di Benedict Flowers

Essential in form and materials, mixis is the new chair designed by Mario Ferrarini to Crassevig. For Mario Ferrarini, young designers the approach pragmatic and visionary, insight, research, corporate relations themselves are the opening words on which to confront and which give rise to products with a history of its own, where the unknowns of thought and planning realization translate into innovative ideas that investigate new frontiers.

This is the case of the draft mixis, the center of which there is wood, flexible and versatile material that combines Ferrarini in two of its possible forms: solid wood and plywood. The combination of these two strong personalities is technically solved through their perfect fusion, so that the chair is prefigured
ideally as the result of a continuous ribbon that functionally defines all its parts.

The whole fluid and harmonious, made of sinuous lines and enveloping, makes a sitting mixis elegant aesthetics and comfort reasoned. Ideal for both the home and the community, mixis is also available with upholstered seat.

MF mixis 002

MF mixis 003

MF mixis 006

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