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Single lever FLY by Peter Gaeta it has been modified: 2014-08-08 di Leide Lanzi

The precision of the geomeric design meets technological innovation: Fly, the mixer designed by Pietro Gaeta, is proposed as a full and intense object:

Whether blacks and defined design the space, to hide inside a tireless motor, which ensures optimum operation without unnecessary waste.

"For some time I had in mind to draw a cock!" For Pietro Gaeta it is the first experience in the bathroom world, and in taps in particular, even if for a couple of years he had contact with this - for him - “unexplored” environment of the house.

"Mine is a somewhat eclectic style, I want to get out of what is the classic path of architecture trying to draw from other worlds like those more similar to me of art and music." Continues Gaeta "I am very attached to the issues of eco-sustainability, which I try to combine with aesthetic values ​​and technological innovation".

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The lightness of a strongly evocative name at the service of a complete project in which the designer's hand creates value for the content designed by the company: FLY presents an innovative internal system that ensures a new intervention method in the event of maintenance or replacement of parts internal, can be carried out easily and quickly by acting directly on the tap already installed on the sanitary, without detaching the mixer from the system and without forcing the plumbers to carry out complicated under-sink operations.

It is the entire body of the tap that is "removed" from its seat. Using a small screwdriver, unscrew the socket that holds the mixer handle in place and extract it; subsequently, with the same operation, the one positioned on the back of the sanitary flush body is loosened to completely free the entire casing.

With speed and precision it becomes possible to intervene directly on the internal "engine" by replacing the cartridge, or even by replacing the "body" itself, if this is necessary. The washbasin cartridge (25 mm in diameter) is composed of sintered ceramic discs and is laboratory tested with 80.000 opening and closing cycles. It delivers 9 liters of water per minute, enough for optimal use, without waste.

The lever of the mixer is very important, it outlines first as trapezoidal shape, ending in a triangular. “Since it is the dress that makes the monk, taking for granted the technical and functional value of the mixer, I tried to design the best dress! It is the shape, the design that generates empathy with the outside, and it is the sight that allows us to capture the object. My project will draw on the past and on the industrial world to be at the service of the domestic environment but also of the places of the community ".

The FLY series is available in chromed brass and is proposed with two washbasin solutions (washbasin, with a height of 172,7 mm and high washbasin, with a height of 352,20 mm: for both the length of the lever measures 210,48 mm).

Listed are also planned: sink wall, bidet, recessed shower / bath, recessed tub / shower with diverter and recessed shower.

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