Milan turn on the first Street Smart Multiservizi of Italy

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Milan turn on the first Street Smart Multiservizi of Italy it has been modified: 2013-04-06 di jessica zannori

Via della Spiga illuminates the first Smart Street Italian Multiservice. In the heart of the Fashion District lights up permanently the innovative system smart city by integrating the latest technology of 'intelligent lighting' and ultra-wideband connectivity. A light system in urban lED projectors which, combined with remote control and the potential of the internet, will allow not only to obtain high levels of energy efficiency - over 70% energy savings - but also to activate services for Italian and foreign citizens and visitors in the area: from sustainable mobility with urban electric charging stations, security with sos columns, from video surveillance to free wi-fi to fiber optic connectivity with multimedia communication systems in our metropolis, through a totem multimedia touch screen.

A spectacle the way, on the occasion of fuorisalone 2013 for the inauguration of the project, it will be a bright setting with light 'in motion' at the main entrances, presenting to the public its new look smart and sustainable.

EAR STREET SMART is a project promoted by the Associazione di via, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan - Department of Commerce, Productive Activities, Tourism, Territorial Marketing, Councilor Franco D'Alfonso - with the support of prestigious private companies, leaders in the innovation sector and technology: MAIN SPONSOR Fastweb; OFFICIAL SPONSORS Cariboni Group, Samsung, Umpi; EVENT SPONSOR imq - Italian Institute of Quality Mark, Blachere Italy, Renault Italy.

"We are proud to sponsor this project which is in Via della Spiga the first Italian Street Smart - said Franco D'Alfonso, Deputy Mayor of the City of Milan for Commerce, Production, Tourism, Territorial Marketing - which lights up permanently right in the heart of the Quadrilatero della Moda, as we will have the pleasure of previewing at the Fuori Salone del Mobile 2013. EAR STREET SMART, This innovative system in urban light lED projectors and connectivity to the network internet ultra-wideband, will enable to achieve high levels of energy efficiency never before achieved, which will help to make our city a model of energy efficiency in view of Expo 2015 and to offer citizens new 'smart' applications. Thanks to this project, which according to the promoters would allow to realize 70% energy savings will be activated on the territory services to citizens and Italian and foreign visitors, now more and more numerous in our city as the World Expo approaches. In this first pilot plant, we will see in a few days which are in practice the most innovative applications of sustainable mobility. This intelligent platform if extended over Milan could help greatly limit wastage, thereby guaranteeing savings in energy management and optimization of maintenance processes, as well as reducing the emission of greenhouse GAS, thus helping to improve air quality ".

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