MH WAY / cycling between Milanese architecture

mh path way urban bike tour
MH WAY / cycling between Milanese architecture it has been modified: 2012-10-16 di jessica zannori

Saturday 20 October 2012 14.30 pm - Piazza del Duomo 1, Milan

The event organized by MH WAY , In collaboration with Mondadori Multicenter, is a tribute to the city of Milan and its unique and extraordinary architecture designed by big names of the international scene. Cycling is the best way to enjoy unexpected visual panoramas and marvel at. tool used more and more and that is establishing itself as a new

metropolitan style. A style that needs to be accompanied also by clothing and accessories. E 'in this perspective that Makio Hasuike has designed an ideal line to move around by bicycle or motorbike. And 'the URBAN line that gives the title of the event 20 October, the Urban bike tour starting from the Mondadori Multicenter in Piazza del Duomo to 14.30.
Each participant will receive a kit "tour" with the map of 11 suggested stages, complete with descriptions, a postcard to create your own personal report and can choose which and how many stages of the route to get to and from which draw inspiration for their reportage that will be delivered on arrival. A phrase, a sketch, a note to communicate their own experience and their own emotions. The postcards will be delivered to the final stage and will be exhibited during a subsequent event to make a participant because of the experience? Ondere thoughts, visions and ideas can stimulate the respect and knowledge of our city.

To participate in the event of October 20 2012 must register at the following address:

mh way Urban Bike Tour

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