Cult goods - earrings, Plexiglas mirrors and clocks

Cult goods - earrings, Plexiglas mirrors and clocks it has been modified: 2011-05-06 di Grace Berardinelli


Light and fanciful, fresh and sparkling, precious and luxurious is the Merci di Culto collection. Signed by Alessandra Scarfò, a young designer working in the contemporary Italian and international scenario.

The different forms patented in the form of a collection at the Chamber of Commerce, are applicable to earrings (plexiglass and silver 925), mirrors and wall clocks (plexiglass). The common thread wants to be a tribute to design and its history, recalling what Carmagnola and Ferraresi would define as "cult goods". In this realm the goods are much more than themselves; in it converge an infinity of interests and collective suggestions, full of evocative values. The sense of sociability and respect for others are deeply felt by the designer, who prefers the reflective material, to stimulate an interactive relationship, playful and creative, capturing "portions of heaven and earth" to carry along.


The "Goods of worship" are self-produced and distributed in different shops: Pink Martini being De Gasperi and via Monferrato in Turin, Via Piol in Rivoli (To), Crim shop in Via San Francesco da Paola in Turin, in via Atlantis Rossini in Turin and VIA FOXES in Como.

In addition, they were chosen by the publisher Castoro (Milan) curator of the Museum store of the National Museum of Cinema of the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, where they are on sale and from the publisher Corraini for the Museum store of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan.




The collection "Cargo Cult", created by young Italian designer Alessandra Scarfo, can be defined as stylish yet refreshing, sparkling precious yet with a touch of luxury.

Made in laser-cut plexiglass and silver mirrored 925, the collection of earrings, mirrors and wall clocks comes in different shapes, as a tribute to Design and its history. It Refers to what Ferraresi Carmagnola and define as "Cargo Cult": in this reality, goods are much more than they seem: they reflect a multitude of interests and collective suggestions.


The sense of community and the concept of the other. The "Merci di Culto" are made in Italy, self-produced and patented at the Chamber of Commerce of Turin . The Museum of Milan and the Triennale Design Museum in Milan and the Pomodoro Foundation museum store in Milan


"500: tribute to Hull"


contact: + 393402216101

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