MENHIR Collection / Paola Navone for Falper

Paola Navone Menhir 1
MENHIR Collection / Paola Navone for Falper it has been modified: 2013-08-29 di Benedict Flowers

Cosmopolitan and informal, the Collection Menhir drawn by Paola Navone is decidedly different from previous projects Falper in its ability to gather and interpret the aspirations of a young but demanding public.

The three exterior mirrors set in a “megalithic” shape inspired the name of this collection. The numerous elements of this line range from bench sink per day in brushed melamine-resin, the columns hanging mirror with removable containers xh of 41 115 170 oh cm, the lights characterized with fun textures.

Paola Navone Menhir 2

Paola Navone Menhir 3

Paola Navone Menhir 4

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