Megaphonemini Portable passive amplifier

Megaphonemini Portable passive amplifier it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di eggired

From the pencil of the design studio en & is It is born Megaphonemini, a small version of the Megaphone the passive technology amplifier presented in 2011. Una mini version designed to move with ease in the rooms, dedicated to those who love to listen to music in every corner of the house and to those who want to bring with them an object that supports aesthetics and functionality.

Megaphonemini 34 blackNOiPhone5

La naturally elegant form of Megaphonemini amplify and optimize the sound from iPhone and iPod touch becoming a small-large low-tech object that draws its strength from the abandonment of the electronic element making the object and the free and mobile sound, both indoors and outdoors. 

Megaphonemini sideconMegaphone

Megaphonemini is inspired by nature enhances its qualities: the shape of the horn amplifies the melody and ceramics promotes sound vibrations. In the mini version a difference that makes the object even more sought after: the wooden pedestal disappears in favor of the shape of the product itself which allows it to remain standing. 

Megaphonemini, like Megaphone, it is conceived, developed and made entirely by hand in Italy.  It is for sale on

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