Maurizio Di Marzio / suggestion of Egyptian myths in the new session Zeen

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Maurizio Di Marzio / suggestion of Egyptian myths in the new session Zeen it has been modified: +2012 09-06-XNUMX di Benedict Flowers

The chair - whose profile is reminiscent of the stylized image of a kneeling figure, inspired by the female sculptures of ancient Egypt, in particular to the goddess Isis.

Isis, goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood; "Lady of the" apex of the Egyptian pantheon, reigns over the sea and on the fruits of the earth, presides over the transformation of things and of all living beings. It is the iconographic representation of the Egyptian goddess, symbol of femininity par excellence, who originated the design input of Zeen, the new chair of Di Marzio Design: a tribute to the feminine principle universal, then, in all its different features and different facets.

Zeen indoor

The new chair designed by Maurizio di Marzio It reveals an aesthetic of great strength and of particular visual impact: the profile of Zeen - which is characterized by its linear discrete and essential, not only for the obvious thinness of forms - in fact brought to mind the image of a stylized figure knee, the same iconography that often characterizes the figure of Isis in the paintings and carvings inside the temples and tombs of ancient Egypt.

Zeen modular

The thin linear Zeen looks accentuated by the materials used for its realization: like Missix, Maurizio Di Marzio choose it again the rotation-molded polyethylene. The choice of material carried, in addition to characterize the seat for its eco friendly nature - totally recyclable 100% - gives the chair an excellent degree of lightness and maneuverability, which are added a number of additional benefits such as ease of cleaning, resistance to shock and weather resistant. In addition, a further plus features the new chair designed by Maurizio Di Marzio: openings that characterize both the backrest is the seat of Zeen are in fact particularly functional as storage - phones and glasses, books and magazines, but also bags, flip flops and Beach towels are easy to place in them - and add an additional advantage in terms of usability of the session.

Zeen outdoor1

Essentiality and lightness, therefore, but also an aesthetic impact of great strength combined with a good degree of robustness and excellent functionality of the session: this composite set of features express clearly the heterogeneous nature of Zeen, the versatility of which fits in optimally to every type of environment, from home living outdoors, until the contract spaces both internal and external. Zeen is distinguished finally to be a modular product: not only single seat, then, but a composite system of combinations capable of adapting and interact with spaces of medium and large size, always in the double valence indoor and outdoor.

Zeen outdoor2

Zeen red

Zeen is designed to Leutman Lugano that has promoted exclusive productions in limited edition.

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