Margherita: sustainable lamp self-produced by Izmade

Izmade Margherita lamp Bedroom 01
Margherita: sustainable lamp self-produced by Izmade it has been modified: 2015-01-22 di jessica zannori

Izmade, collective Turin, who works in the field of self-produced design, presents the lamp Margherita, from December 2014 officially launched on the international market.

The lamp is one of the many products of the line furnishings sustainable signed Izmade.

"This lamp perfectly embodies the philosophy of" self-sustainable Izmade" tell the founders of the collective. "Every day more than 15000 peeled milk are used in restaurants and pizzerias and then thrown away. We chose not to close their eyes to this waste, but turn a problem into an opportunity to create something useful and innovative, and at the same time help the environment. "

The design philosophy Izmade aims to bridge the gap between the "poverty" of sustainable materials and the "wealth" of traditional design, enhancing the original features of the recycled materials and while creating an object aesthetically pleasing and functional for the home. The uniqueness of the production process also transforms the most common materials into something extraordinary.

For the debut of Margaret, Izmade launched a crowdfunding campaign on the web platform Indiegogo. Contributions received will make it possible to order the minimum quantity of beech wood Piedmont needed to produce the lamp. Using these materials will enable Izmade to continue its efforts to design a truly environmentally conscious, expanding production to a wider audience.

At the time, the lamp Margherita is only available on the page dedicated to raising funds for the project.
Proponents interested can donate an amount of their choice in exchange for a lamp, a Izmade other product line or a small gift.

Izmade Margherita lampDorothy lamp on Indiegogo

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Izmade Margherita lamp Living room 01

Izmade Margherita lamp Local sustainability Infographic

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Izmade Margherita lamp on Indiegogo Combo

Izmade Margherita Plywood detail

Izmade Daisy Wheel detail

For the first few supporters Margherita is available at 47 € (early bird) through the site Indiegogo.

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