Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi / New project design

Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi / New project design it has been modified: 2014-01-24 di jessica zannori

Preview these days on the shelves of the Design Supermarket Rinascente in Milan and soon be on sale at Barneys New York, the first collection of fancy marble for the home and kitchen designed by Manuel Barbieri to Scandola Marmi arrives at Maison & Objet in Paris.

Designed by Manuel Barbieri - designer Verona which has assets of several partnerships with companies such as Zero Line, Purapietra and Margraf - the collection is designed for Scandola Marmi, a company that so far has dealt only floors and stone coverings natural.

New design project is a set of objects with clean lines designed to be implemented in all variants of stones available in the company to meet the tastes of the users: a cutting board / tray, a wall clock, a trivet, vases, candle holders and a set table, initially designed for the online sales and therefore, despite the fine material, designed to be functional, lightweight, practical to send.

What better time then to Manuel Barbieri - which is responsible for the art direction of the project - to form a working team around "under 25"? Joining him as a designer is Marco Magalini; Alex Crestan, Francesco Trubian and Damiano Meneghetti, study Henry & co, they are busy part of the digital; Matthew Bianchessi is the photographer and video maker, and Paul Scandola, within the company, follows the development of prototypes.

The result - thanks to a family of enlightened entrepreneurs who have made themselves available to give a jolt, in terms of design, the company and to invest effort and money in a project animated only by young professionals - consists of a collection consisting of 9 items in different colors for a total of 29 products and in complete remake and repositioning of Scandola Marmi, the brand image and distribution.

The collection is also on sale online and on the website of e-commerce dedicated to home design

CITY-COLLECTION-by-Manuel-Barbieri-for-shingle-Marmi --- Cod.-CY M N BC

CITY-COLLECTION-by-Manuel-Barbieri-for-shingle-Marmi-Cod-CY AND GR N

CITY COLLECTION by Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi - Cod. The CY BC N





KING COLLECTION by Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi - Cod. KG GO


OTTAGONO by Marco Magalini for Scandola Marmi - Cod.OT S N NM


SHOT-by-Manuel-Barbieri-for-shingle-Marmi-Cod-SH BT NM T

SHOT-by-Manuel-Barbieri-for-shingle-Marmi-Cod-SH SM AP P


TRAY 01 by Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi - Cod. TY S BC

TRAY by Manuel Barbieri for Scandola Marmi - Cod. TY B GO

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