MAGIC WINDOWS / Luca Nichetto for Foscarini at the Stockholm Design Week

foscarini magic-windows concept sketch rid
MAGIC WINDOWS / Luca Nichetto for Foscarini at the Stockholm Design Week it has been modified: +2013 01-27-XNUMX di Benedict Flowers

A theater set to Dogville by Lars von Trier, an architecture impossible, the lamps Foscarini that come to life behind a succession of windows through which to imagine glimpses of houses and the personality of those who live.
The idea that started Luca Nichetto to stage "Magic Windows" (Rosenlundsgatan 38C in Stockholm - from the 4 9 2013 February) comes from the habit - typically Nordic - not to close behind the curtains domestic interiors, giving snapshots of light and leaving leaked snippets of daily life.

The installation presented by Foscarini to Stockholm Design Week is developed through a series of windows, all different, leaving imagine spaces, furniture, objects and different ways of living. The area is divided into three zones, each defined by a slight coloration to the windows so as to trace the perimeter and volume splitting.

In one of the zones are space Allegro by Atelier Oi, Aplomb and Bahia to Lucidi and Pevere, Le Soleil by Vicente Garcia Jimenez, Birdie and Gregg L + R Palomba, Maki of Nendo, Anisha Studio Lievore Altherr Molina, O-space of Luca Nichetto and Giampietro Gai, Big Bang Enrico Franzolini with Garcia Jimenez, Chouchin of Ionna Vautrin, Plass Luca Nichetto, Caboche by Patricia Urquiola with Eliana Gerotto, while in a second area of ​​the installation peep behind the windows Behive Werner Aisslinger, Lumiere by Rodolfo Dordoni, Birdie of Palomba, Twiggy, Tress and Mite Marc Sadler, of Havana Jozeph Forakis, Troag Luca Nichetto, Doll and Binic of Ionna Vautrin, Solar Jean Marie Massaud.

Each window has its own particular personality, which anticipates, amplifies and emphasizes the special character and the different personalities of the lamps of Foscarini collection. The area dedicated to the lamps Diesel with Foscarini lighting collection, Incorporates suggestions post-industrial, in line with the characteristics of this collection. Are presented innovations and best-selling collection, including Duii, Fork, Cage, Heavy Metal, Rock.

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