Mistral, the fan becomes multisensory

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Mistral, the fan becomes multisensory it has been modified: 2014-07-11 di Leide Lanzi

Maestrale is an extra large, high-tech and multisensory fan designed by Lapo Roccella and Giacomo Toncelli for the Segnobianco company as part of the sixth edition of Rethinking The Product.

It is a highly technological reinterpretation of the classic fan, which is enriched with new functions and transformed into a multisensory object, capable of ventilating the air and at the same time emanating sounds, lights and aromas.

The fan is large (180 x 130 cm) and designed for domestic or contract environments. The controls can be adjusted directly from a smartphone or tablet. An innovative project born from the consolidated experience of Segnobianco in the world of furniture and from the technological competence of the Domus Impianti company which participated in the design of advanced home automation systems.

The project was carried out as part of the VI edition of Rethinking The Product.

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