Madài Bags, the unconventional cardboard bag

madai acid
Madài Bags, the unconventional cardboard bag it has been modified: 2013-04-03 di Benedict Flowers

Waterproof, customizable and is standing alone, the unconventional bag carton Madai Bag, a shoulder bag born from experimentation cartotecnica and the challenge of using a material that is normally used to achieve the packaging food, electronic equipment or atria still uses less than noble, to create a fashion accessory that accompanies us in our daily lives.

La closing Interlocking and the strap is adjustable to adapt to the size of the wearer, MADAI Bag is guaranteed to contain up to 20Kg weight and is made of Waterproof cardboard.

The graphics available reflect different moods and it's easy to find one suited to your taste, but it is also possible customize the product in a limited.

madai england

madai skateboard

madai tape

madai white

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