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useDesign Colombina
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useDesign Colombina

The project evergreen born from the observation of the widespread syndrome and the particular effect that turns ordinary humans in extremely special people, in boys and girls "evergreen": souls too large to be contained in a normal human body. Luca Scarpellini e Ilaria Innocenti They meet again after the success of the Fuorisalone of Milan's 2010 to develop a new line of items for the home and office, different from the previous, deeper, linked to an optimistic view of life. With new products in the evergreen, Ilaria Innocenti and Luca Scarpellini undertake a study of the phenomenon, deepening realizing design objects that contain within them two opposing worlds. Just like in the boys bearers of Down syndrome, for which there has been a different evolution of soul and body, the contents and the container of these new products come from two opposing categories.

"With this line, we tried to create objects whose new feature was the exact opposite of that of the object starting - say the two designers - and we are working to constantly enrich the catalog of new evergreen, fun, meaningful products".

Blackboards bright that force us to write by hand on the old digital monitor of a computer, coffee cups and impossible to fill because transformed into audio systems and office estimated magazines that become fun puzzles for our children are just some of the products evergreen signed useDesign and ilaria.i.

Columbine is the new chair signed useDesign, Designed and handmade by Luca Scarpellini using recycled and recyclable materials, fabrics and recycled industrial waste as padding.
The fine fabrics that form the colorful removable cushions are sewn one by one and the liners are made by cotton thread recovered by the food industry. The cardboard and wood that make up the body of the pouf are made from recycled materials and handmade.
Colombina sessions are available in three versions: Flat, Deluxe and Street, each characterized by a different bending of cardboard and wood top, coated white paper for version Flat, alcantara lining recovery plan and laser engraved for the Deluxe version and rough cardboard and wooden painted for the Street version.
Each session is different from the other for colors and combinations to bring in your homes and in your public rooms comfortable and ecological pouf convertible, if necessary, in nice tables.

useDesign DolbyuseDesign Dolby

useDesign PaddyuseDesign Paddy

useDesign Summer 2012 coveruseDesign Summer 2012 cover

La Summer 2012 is a limited edition of watches, lamps and photo frames, each made of 12 4 copies and available in different colors (purple, blue, yellow and green).
The pastel colors and fun and the attention to detail through the use of laser-cut plexiglass and refined painting make this collection a true gem for collectors!
The simple lines, the cheerful colors make this line of products useDesign the ideal gift.

useDesign Summer 2012 funneluseDesign Summer 2012 funnel

useDesign Summer 2012 mochauseDesign Summer 2012 mocha

useDesign Summer 2012 phoneuseDesign Summer 2012 phone

useDesign Ufo 01useDesign Ufo 01

Do you ever wonder what happens to the plates and bowls that remorselessly abandoned flea markets in exchange for a few dollars? Whole wooden tables on which pile up porcelain and ceramics of all colors and all sizes that are waiting to serve a child again, a nice lady or a whole family. Plates, bowls, cups and glasses that do not resign, do not succumb to a life in the trash. Hope one day to be able to cross the threshold of a house again and go back to being the real stars of our homes.

The collection u.foDesigned by Luca Scarpellinie from Matthew Placucci for useDesign gives the old and chipped plates and bowls a new life inside of your homes ..and will be you to choose dishes that suits you among the many available.
The choice of the dish is done so through a process of empatizzazione with the object of waste that becomes a fun chandelier that will light up your evenings in the company of a good book.

Dozens, hundreds of dishes, all different and all have a central hole (hence the name or single hole) assembled with taste and harmony.
The low price given the simplicity of the process and the possibility of customization are the strengths of this new product line signed useDesign!

useDesign Ufo 02useDesign Ufo 02

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