L'OV, the new bookcase lamp by Horm

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L'OV, the new bookcase lamp by Horm it has been modified: 2014-11-04 di jessica zannori

The ov, lamp and bookcase, is all that is needed in a living room.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney, in 1967, wrote a piece that would soon become one of the best-known songs in the world, which is still used whenever you want to talk about love. The meaning of "All you need is love" is clear and transparent from the title: expresses the universal concept of love as an element essential to life.

Today, with a little divertissement, Horm also expresses the same concept in living: The Ov is all you need in a living room.

At the same time the lamp and library, this item from the clean and simple design designed by Carlo Stefanut, furnishes offering solutions supporting and freeing the imagination.

Catering to large spaces to smaller environments, just because it can combine multiple components through L-shaped elements that intersect in the horizontal and vertical combinations. The ov is all you need. Definitely.

Finishes: Glued plywood walnut shelves in anodized aluminum, with light LED.

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