Lounge Chair-Maserati Zanotta, preview 2013 Milan Furniture Fair

lounge chair maserati zanotta
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Zanotta and Maserati have the lounge chair Zanotta - Maserati: from the meeting between two protagonists of Italian style, a unique and exclusive project is born, previewed in Milan on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2013.

Designed by famous designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, and made in a limited edition, the new Zanotta-Maserati lounge chair is an object that embodies the spirit and values ​​that the two brands have always expressed, each in its own sector: exclusivity, refinement, comfort, refinement of materials, shapes and details, avant-garde design and high craftsmanship in the realization. A vision common to the two companies that, meeting for the first time, give life to a joint project.

The Zanotta Maserati lounge chair is designed as a tribute to the new Maserati Quattroporte, designed at the Maserati Style Center by Marco Tencone under the direction of Lorenzo Ramaciotti as an ideal synthesis of luxury and sportiness, technology and quality craftsmanship. The Zanotta-Maserati lounge chair is likewise a compositional and manufacturing virtuosity of rare efficacy and value, in the sign of timeless elegance.

maserati zanotta

The designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, known for their ability to support a wide knowledge of the cultural roots of design a careful analysis of the needs of contemporary society, have conceived a project starting from the elegant lines of the car, and enhancing its nature lounge in motion. The harmonious lines and slender Maserati Quattroporte were analyzed, decomposed, rewritten and reinterpreted by architects Palomba, up to shape the lounge chaire Zanotta-Maserati, thus opening the seat to travel in a new dimension, which makes the protagonist of moments dedicated to the imagination, to remember, to the thought.

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba designers

The journey told by Maserati and Zanotta is the "time in motion" in a very broad sense, imaginary suspended living perceptions, suggestions, projections, memories and expectations. A dimension but also reaching out to discover the most intimate reflection, in which to realize that the path to imagine the future also means do not forget the starting point.

And 'why the lounge chair Zanotta-Maserati aims to be a product of absolute excellence, opportunity to build a time "out of time", a tour of the senses which is renewed in art every time you sit inside car Maserati or you lie down on one of the precious armchairs Zanotta.

Because "speed", as well as Maserati and Zanotta interpret it, "is the thought in motion."

Maserati and Zanotta are two brands that tell two great Italian stories: two different companies, which have both been able to start from a local dimension, to become international realities, remaining faithful to the values ​​of the origins, thanks to their ability to create products that have earned them the successes and awards obtained.

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Designer: Ludovica and Roberto Palomba
Where: Zanotta Shop Milan - Piazza del Tricolore, 2
When: Inauguration of the invitation 9 April 2013, 19.30 hours
Open to the public: from the 10 14 April 11.00 hours - 20.00 | Free admission

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