Loid, the mirror of Roberto Paoli for Ligne Roset

01 Loid Ligne Roset Roberto Paoli
Loid, the mirror of Roberto Paoli for Ligne Roset it has been modified: 2015-01-31 di jessica zannori

in 2015 Roberto Paoli presents in collaboration with Ligne Roset Mirror Loid,

an object that captures dramatic perspectives remarkable picture of us and our environment.

Loid soprende antithetical to the game of the lines that make up. So sweet, harmonious and reassuring is the silhouette outside approaching the form of an oval, so rigid, tough and decisive is the geometry of the cuts that make up the three slabs mirror.

Loid fact does not present a front surface continues, but is fragmented into three parts in a graphic configuration unstructured which causes reflection of space both from three points of view markedly different.

As the harmony of a pond can be broken by a waterfall, so the surface of Loid it cracks and breaks. Plan draws a broken line apparently illogical but arranged in a logical manner: all plates are oriented towards the user.

Roberto Paoli designs as an object that allows the user to observe from three angles restoring the image from multiple points of view simultaneously.

02 Loid Ligne Roset Roberto Paoli

03 Loid Ligne Roset Roberto Paoli

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