The tablet goes wide marblelous O-cults at the supermarket de design resurgent milan

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The tablet goes wide marblelous O-cults at the supermarket de design resurgent milan it has been modified: 2014-01-03 di jessica zannori

Is called Marblelous, is designed by studio Barcelona Aparentment and it's the first product promoted by the platform O-cults and selected by the Rinascente for Design Supermarket in Piazza Duomo, In Milan. Marblelous, on sale from mid-November to Design Supermarket La Rinascente, an object is unique and has been designed with a double function: door mirror and tablet together. The base, made of Carrara marble gives stability and can be used to position the tablet.

The back of the mirror is gilded metal and can be placed vertically or horizontally. With this collaboration, the Rinascente, always reference icon and trends in design, wanted to recognize and enhance the work of the platform O-cults, dedicated to promoting the work of young designers internationally.

"It is an encouraging sign for the young people who pursue the profession of product designer and often have great economic and organizational obstacles to be known" says Josep Vila Capdevila study Aparentment. "We have decided to focus on creating new business opportunities for affiliated firms" adds Alex Bosch, one of the founders of O-cults. "Because we believe that among our members there can be the big names of tomorrow and we are convinced that the quality of an emerging studio can be as good as that of already established studies".

La Rinascente, who "discovered" O-cults and some of the selected objects from the platform and presented during the last Design Week in Milan, Wanted to offer its prestigious showcase project Marblelous and his designers.

After Spain, for a few months, participation in O-cults is open to designers from around the world and you are recording accessions and great interest, especially from emerging countries such as Latin America and Asia, China and Korea, in the first place. Italy will be the second pole of reference for O-cults, thanks to the partnership with Labóh, consultancy and services in the field of design and architecture, based in Venice and Barcelona.

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